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Originally Posted by dopesmoker
the country bashing is all in good fun, dont take it to heart.
It's not in good fun, and you are one of the main ones who are guilty of Country bashing. the only time I will rip on Canadians or other foriegners is if I am provoked first. If you rag on my country and expect me or 90% of the other American's to just sit back and take it, then u don't know us as well as you think.

Some of it was very hateful as well (laughing at 9/11 and wishing death on our troops). This was actually said on this site.

If you hate the U.S.A. so much and u wanna talk about it, then go to a Jihadi message board or someother type of anti-U.S. group's website. If you wanna discuss MMA, training or even have a CIVILIZED political debate, or whatever else that pertain's to this message board, than that is fine. But I don't come here to have my country dragged through the dirt by people that I can't evan look in the eye, and I don't think anybody else doese either.
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