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Originally Posted by Uchi
"Because I could sure use it! Thanks for all the feedback and it means a lot to me to hear from you all, the positive and negative.
As for the fight, this is what I can tell you:

BJ made a great gameplan, and along with the other coaches and teammates, worked with me to get it down. Obviously, I did a horrible job of execution and have no excuse. When BJ asked us to raise our hands to be on his team, he asked that we give 100%; I did not even give him a fraction of that and he had every right to be upset and frustrated with me.

The fight itself. I went in there with the gameplan pretty clear in my head and felt great about the match-up because Brandon and me had grappled together the first couple of days and I figured that was where my best chances were to win the fight, on the ground. As the old adage goes, "Everyone has a gameplan until they get hit", it definitely applied to me. The first couple of moments of the fight I felt cool and calm, but as soon as he hit me with his straight, everything changed and I became very emotional from that point on.

Without a doubt, the best fighters in the world are also masters of their emotions and just proves that fighting goes beyond techniques. Brandon is a very good fighter with a very bright future in the UFC and against a guy like that, any lapse mentally or physically will be bad, bad news. I'm happy to have fought him and he deserved to win that fight...he was the better man that day.

The crying? Yeah, WTF was that? As soon as the bell rang to end the fight, I thought to myself how much I had put into trainig and competing and to fight like a knucklehead was just a disappointment to myself and the emotion overflowed. I'm not ashamed of crying; I'm ashamed, as BJ said, to have cried over that. I did not do one dang thing he told me to, so what was I crying about? Who knows man, who knows.

I'm an emotional fighter and always will be, but I have to learn the difference between being emotional and being a professional. A lot of people are commenting about what a real warrior would have fought like; a real one would have used his heart and his head together, and that's clearly something that I need to work on.

Thanks again for the comments and thanks for supporting the show; it's always dangerous to put your hopes and dreams out there for everyone to see and criticize, but I will always train and compete as hard as I can, I also hope to add intelligence and character to that equation in the near future.

-Andy Wang"

Good way to look at it. Im sure alot of people respect u, heck I do...You made the mistake of not fighting your fight and it cost u dearly...It was just a waste of an opportunity but you live and learn, good luck in your future dude. One positiuve thing, you didnt get knocked out!!!
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