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The Wang and The BJ just didnt seem to work...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one saying "What the ****?" when the show ended.

That shot to the head that took him down in the first round...obviously made him delusional.

"I hope people see me as a warrior" get the fahk outta here!

I know they aren't sending losers home anymore...but come on!! This guy deserves absolutley no more TV time. BJ's comments were dead on the money. This guy thought he was a superstar MMA guy before he even stepped into the octagon.

Is it just me or do all the TUF 5 fighters think they are UFC fighters before they have earned it? T
hese are exhibition fights to win a SHOT at the UFC...and most of them are acting like they've won it already..

I hate to say it.. but I'm not a fan of this season at all.
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