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Originally Posted by IronMan
I got my start in full contact TKD about the same time I was getting started with BJJ. I have to admit, I don't really like the point system and I don't think of TKD as a particularly practical art. I'll stick with BJJ, thanks.

Yea I think TKD is extremely useful. Think about how much your reflexes improved since you started. At least it did for me I'm like a cat now haha. Plus I know how to punch and strike properly and the kicks come in handy too because they teach you the most vicious ways to land kicks and strikes. I think it would help a lot more in a street fight rather than the ring or octagon though. When I took classes for the nine years they started incorporating Akido at the green belt stage and from then on I can't really distinguish the TKD from the Akido I learned. All I know about the Akido was it's mostly throws and joint manipulation which is what I am extremely good at so I think maybe the Akido was more useful than the TKD a little bit. I do love telling my friends to take a swing at me so I can flip them over my shoulder hahaha!! I'm 5'6'' 135 lbs so it's funny to see someone my size flipping a guy over my shoulder that's much bigger than me.
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