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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
Why are you getting mad hit, just because I deflated your argument? cmon now you know the pats are a great team hell can you name another team with this good an offense for this long or a team that has made the post season this man times in the last 12 years? also it would be silly for you to talk about last times teams have won superbowls since washington hasn't won one in at least 20 years
I'm not a blind fan, I don't pretend my team is untouchable.

And deflated my argument? That's laughable. You are no different than every other biased New England fan. You guys have an awesome team yes. I never denied that. But you all are still riding on how good you did almost a decade ago. You make the playoffs a lot but you all get knocked out consistently. And then it's always an excuse. "Oh if so and so was here if would have been different." " Oh the refs were against us that year."

You guys lost just like you have every year for awhile now. Your defense is nothing like it was when superbowls were being won.

And mad? No I'm not mad. Just because I'm going back and forth in a debate doesn't mean I am emotionally invested in the least bit.

If anything you are mad making excuses as to why the Pats once again aren't winning the superbowl.
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