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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
Explain to me how I didn't deflate your arguments. First you said it wouldn't have mad a difference if talib played or not and I immediately told you they scored 0 points or first downs when he was on, then you said injuries don't matter it's a team game and I said baltimore sucked when they had injuries and they were completely healthy for this game and we weren't so there's a big advantage for the ravens and it showed, in case you forgot baltimore lost to houston by quite a bit without lewis and lost to cincy and pittsburgh as well.

And then you went on a completely different rant baout how I said pats were untouchable which I never said but I did say that we are a great team and that it's silly for you to bring up superbowls when your team hasn't been in one in 2 decades. So i'm still wondering where I went wrong I already said our defense has been ass for a while and not like 2007,2001,2003,2004 defenses so I don't understand the problem here.
I'm done with this argument. It's like talking to a wall and its not worth it. Just like every other Pats fan I argue with.

First you guys are the best.
Then I'm mad.
It's about how my team hasn't won in so long (even though I never claimed they were this awesome team)
Then you put words in my mouths.

Really just isn't worth it.
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