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Originally Posted by joshua7789 View Post
People cant keep secrets, that is why most conspiracy theories are total bullshit. It is fun to pretend that the govt is a bunch of truthful saints though.
Fixed for you.

Also people keep secrets all the time. That is how intelligence agencies work, otherwise there'd be no such thing as intelligence agencies and the word "classified" wouldn't exist. I can't believe how naive it is to think that secrets cannot exist in this world, when that is basically how most govt orgs and even private orgs work, and this is completely enshrined into law as well.

When I left a crap employer at one point, I was politely reminded how I was legally bound under contract to not publicly badmouth them. To this day I have never openly under my own name talked about how much their internal politics and inefficiencies suck, because obviously I'd get slapped with a defamation lawsuit. I spoke my mind about them anonymously on the internet of course when the topic came up, but then that can always be dismissed as "conspiracy" or made up.

If that's how easy it is to get regular people to not publicly talk about regular stuff, then how much easier is it with all the levels of govt. pressure, threats, classifying and chain of command indoctrination?

Are you aware of the kind of false flag operations (fake / self-engineered terrorism and tragedies) that have been proposed by the CIA in the past and the kind of secrecy it would take to execute them? You think they'd propose it if they didn't think they could pull it off? You think they'd never ever propose it again just because one president turned them down? This has all been declassified now:

Not just the CIA, but Joint Chiefs of Staff, those "honorable military men" that pheelgood thinks are incapable of lying, sent this SIGNED proposal to the president to approve terrorizing their own people all the way to Washington DC itself.

Also whistle blowers do come out now and then, but they're almost always dismissed as conspiracy theorists or money grabbers by the media.

Are you aware that Field Agent Coleen Rowley came forward and exposed the deliberate FBI negligence in causing 9/11 to happen and restrict investigations? I suppose she was just a "conspiracy theorist" as well huh? Look at no. 7:

Lastly, very few people come forward because most people don't appreciate the idea of lying in a pool of their own blood in a parking lot somewhere, or suddenly "coming down with" cancer. Turns out fear can be a wonder drug at curing people's so called inability to keep secrets. Look at the Karen Silkwood (being given plutonium poisoning and then killed) case above for example ... you can be sure for every one like her, there are dozens that tried to come forward but the media never tells you about.

Originally Posted by joshua7789 View Post
I wouldnt read too much into something like that. Grief is complicated and different for everyone. The stages dont always go in a particular order and they can come and go in waves.
Yeah waves of smirking and laughing, I totally see that at all the other tragedies like Columbine or 9/11 or uh ... waitaminute.
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