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MMAfreak is lurking around, he's under the name "Latin Lingo", but he rarely posts. He just posted the other day for the first time in a while trying to recruit people to another forum which I guess is where he calls home now.

Mr Bungle/MMA-Bot 6000 is humorous to me about 75% of the time. He doesn't really bother me until he starts spouting off about how much he hates Americans. Other than that, and other than the obvious (and weak I might add) trolling he does from time to time I think he is a funny guy and he has shown he can be a good poster in the past. Someone in another thread made a good point saying if he didn't get temp banned all the time from when he first joined (he got banned the first time like a week after he joined the site for bypassing the censors by using "PH" instead of "F"), he might be a good poster. Who knows.

I don't think Daman5 posts here anymore. I don't see any new members that resemble his grammar or post structure.

I was right when I said MMAfreak was Rush, and MMA-BOT was Bungle, and MORON was Kirkardo....I think Daman just found a different site to annoy people on.

Worst troll awards go to:

-jaymackz and all his watitdos
-Michael Bolton
-Simon Phoenix (sometime he seems like he is trolling and --sometimes he posts fine, IDK what is up with him)
-Tony Starks (why isn't this guy banned)
-anonymous help (claims he is in on the scheme fixing UFC fights)
-Matt1970 (never STFU about Franklin/Silva being fixed)
-CroCop Team (although he has been acting a lot more mature as of late)
-ricefarmer (not really a troll, just an asshole)
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