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1st and 2nd definitely went to Aldo. More damage, and was getting the better of near every single exchange.

3rd round I give it to Aldo. In the first 3 minutes of that round, Edgar was throwing quite a fair bit, but near all of them were missing. Aldo landed the cleaner shots and was doing more damage ( AWESOME FRONT KICK ). After that Edgar started to land some kicks and got the better of 1 or 2 exchanges. Aldo still landed some hard punches though. Also, you have to take into factor that Aldo stuffed two of Edgar's takedown attempts in this round.

4th to Edgar. Edgar missed most of his punches but landed most of his kicks. Aldo threw less punches and kicks and some of it were missing too. Edgar for the aggression and that takedown.

5th to Edgar as well. Edgar missed more shots but he landed more shots as well because he threw more strikes than Aldo. Was the more aggressive fighter as well. Can see it going Aldo's way though as he landed the harder punches.

Would have liked to see Aldo throw more of those leg kicks. 3 leg kicks in and Edgar's leg looked swollen.

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