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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
interesting conspiracy theories are fun to watch some times. wrong 90% of the time but fun.

i will say it was quite disgusting to see the so called grieving father walk into the room smiling and laughing then get into character as a depressed dad
I think we are so inundated with fictional drama that without experience, we wrongly relate to those fictional works as a mental reference for our expectations.

I've been with a grieving father at his son's funeral. Before he got up to talk about him he was indeed smiling and joking around, trying NOT to think about his loss and most around him were more than happy to keep him cheered up. However, once he got up to speak, the gravity of it hit him and he could barely go on. Now his son (and a my good friend) was a cancer victim and not a small child but the emotional aspect is similar.

Anyways, probably safe to say, don't judge that guy by the snippet of him and hope that you are never in his shoes.

More to the thread topic, the conspiracy video's many are believing is using mainstream media bits and pieces, they have not sent out a single investigate journalist of any kind or provided their own content. Their revenue model is based on implying facts and generating interest in conspiracies so while they have been proven wrong on several things, they are not going to change their tune. With a list of victims and people involved, don't you think they could dig up something concrete and not just a bunch of implied facts like the dad is an actor because he wasn't grieving up to an armchair psychiatrists standards?
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