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Originally Posted by joshua7789 View Post
There isnt always some sinister plot when bad things happen. Crazy people do crazy shit.The proof that your talking about isnt proof of anything.
What are you talking about? Operation Northwoods is PROOF that the American government have attempted to stage terror attacks in an effort to justify a war against another country. Fact.

At least do some research before spouting out your uneducated views on the matter.

And yes I completely agree. There isn't always some thing sinister at work when crazy things happen. Crazy people do indeed do crazy things. But when the media release news that is so disjointed and riddled with inconsistencies, when you begin to actually look further into the matter and start asking questions about all of these inconsistencies, you start to connect the dots and see the real truth behind what's going on.

I also find it quite alarming that you actually think the "father" Robbie Parker who gave the post Sandy Hook interview is actually a real father. Any one who has even a basic understanding of human body language will tell you that this man is a blatant actor. It's right there, clear as day that this dude is actually acting (terribly I might add, I've seen better acting from Michael Bisping in Hollyoaks).

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