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Originally Posted by joshua7789 View Post
There really is no point in arguing with people who are insistent upon finding something that doesnt actually exist.
Myself and Liddell have provided you with sources and FACTS involving your very own government willing to comitt acts of terror on your own turf in order to justify wars against other countries. You're either ignoring it because:

A)It scares you or
B)You're just ignorant

But please, by all means, carry on putting all of your faith into massively corrupt and shady media establishments (keep believing every thing you see on the tv and in the newspapers) and continue to support the child abusing political powers that be (yes, paedophilia is absolutely rampant within politics), but please, like I said, by all means, carry on swallowing up all of their bullshit and keep believing that they have yours and your families best interest at heart.
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