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Originally Posted by RedRocket44 View Post
The flip-side is this win maybe exposes how much hype was behind Brock. Was Brock ever 100% after his surgery? Did people just buy into the Overroid hype train because he beat some "damaged goods" (the former HW poster-boy) -- all while AO was likely juiced up? I'm thinking there is some truth to this, considering it was a knee to the gut that AO used to stop Brock.

AO did look flat at the weigh-ins -- I don't need to see it from the same "angle and lighting" to make that observation. However he could have cut less weight, and not have been as dehydrated either. Getting extra water weight out of your body makes you look more ripped...

I agree with you 100% though -- there's an asterisk beside every one of his wins in my eyes.
I know a guy who had Brock's same illness. He said it took him 2-3 years to recover and was never 100%. Brock was never the same after that illness. Couture would have demolished him in a rematch.

The sad thing is, we'll never know just how far he could have gone. I do think the old Brock would have taken Overeem down and worn him out, but there's no way of knowing.
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