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Originally Posted by Flyin' Kneez View Post
I really can't understand why people dislike him, well apart from the whole religion thing, which to me is a stupid reason to dislike a fighter. Even still, there are plenty of fighters out there who are religious and people don't have a grudge against them; matt hughes is deeply religious, no-one as a problem with him. Most, if not, all Brazilian fighters are fiercely religious, that never gets brought up, so I can't see why benson gets so much crap about it. He seems a nice enough guy, so aye someone could enlighten me?
I dislike any fighter who thanks their magic sky daddy when they win. They never give him the finger when they lose. A lot of the other fighters are religious but not all of them thank the magic sky daddy.

For the record I hate Matt Hughes too.

I don't like any religious people because they fuel a culture of ignorance and superstition. I would just ignore them if it wasn't for the fact that some of them actually attack science because it makes their religions look silly.
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