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Originally Posted by Ari View Post
Henderson has every right to talk about his magical man in the sky after his fights. But he also needs to recognize that if and when he does so, there are potential consequences that will follow, many of them not good.
If the guy really has that faith in his God, do you think he really cares what "bad thing" could happen to him by merely expressing himself?

Originally Posted by Ari View Post
I agree that religion is a personal choice. Which is why I have a huge problem with the idea of evangelism. It's up to the individual to decide what he or she believes as they mature in life. If they decide that they believe in god, great. Just don't try and convert me. I'm 26 years old and I've been there and done that with religion (I grew up Mormon although I was an outcast because my mother is Honduran). But each person has the right to believe what they want.
So leave them do it.
Originally Posted by Ari View Post
I disagree about religion being a collective thing. Look at how many wars have been fought and how many lives have been lost as a result of religion, specifically regarding the Abrahamic religions who essentially believe in the same "god" but have fundamental differences when it comes to practice and history.
So how exactly these wars were fought if religion is not a collective thing? Lots of one man armies each one defending his particular view? Why there are temples or churches for if it´s not collective?
Originally Posted by Ari View Post
As for your other remarks, I'm totally fine with people not saying "Merry Christmas" and saying "Happy Holidays" instead. That wouldn't bother me at all. You'll also notice that most of the TV ads that air for the holiday season have very little to do with the Christian interpretation of Christmas.
And this is just a political and hypocritic way to sell products to all religions or non believers using a covered Christian celebration. Show me the money, no matter what you believe...
Originally Posted by Ari View Post
If you want everyone to practice their religion publicly, and they have that right, then let them. And watch the shitstorm that will follow.
You are starting the shitstorm. And yourself has the power to stop this by slowly growing tolerace in your heart. I have worked in the Far East and in the Middle East along people who believe in many different things and I have seen all sort of public displays of faith, includind people starving in a fast during Ramadan or kneeling in public to praise their Gods and I called many of those people friends.
Let people be as long as they are not trying to hurt you.

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