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If the guy really has that faith in his God, do you think he really cares what "bad thing" could happen to him by merely expressing himself?
I would like to think that a grown man with a family would care about his job enough to ignore selfish pride. But then again, maybe it's my turn to take off my rose colored glasses in this case.

So leave them do it.
Oh I have.

They can do whatever the hell they want so long as none of them bother me with their shit again.

So how exactly these wars were fought if religion is not a collective thing? Lots of one man armies each one defending his particular view? Why there are temples or churches for if itīs not collective?
The wars and hitsory itself prove my point. No religion is collective and religion as a whole CERTAINLY is not collective otherwise there would have been no conflict. Christianity has so many different denomonations and practices, that even they fight amongst themselves. And it's not just Christianity either. There may be collectivism within certain sects of the community, but there is really no large scale collectivism when it comes to religion.

And this is just a political and hypocritic way to sell products to all religions or non believers using a covered Christian celebration. Show me the money, no matter what you believe...
That's the world we live in.
Get paid, and get laid.

You are starting the shitstorm. And yourself has the power to stop this by slowly growing tolerace in your heart. I have worked in the Far East and in the Middle East along people who believe in many different things and I have seen all sort of public displays of faith, includind people starving in a fast during Ramadan or kneeling in public to praise their Gods and I called many of those people friends.
Let people be as long as they are not trying to hurt you.
Bahahah. What shitstorm am I starting other than a friendly debate in a thread on an MMA-related website? I don't go out and publicly ridicule religious people or anything and I've never been outwardly antagonistic towards religion. I just simply don't believe in any theistic, omnipotent being. All I'm saying is that Henderson's public expressions of faith could be bad for business (and himself), if he's not careful.
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