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OK, well first a foremost, if you drink pop, stop. That crap is straight poison. What helps me is to keep a food journal and keep track of everything you eat all day, including portion size and calorie intake, also make sure to include sauces like ketchup or mayo in the calorie list.

Low sodium, cut out sugar, anything with trans-fats, burgers are OK once in awhile, but I would stay away from red meat as much as you can. Stick to Brown Rice, Beans, Boneless skinless chicken, lot's of vegetables and if you cook them steam them or grill them, boiling them gets rid of the nutrients inside of them. Always watch your calorie intake and make sure to burn off more than you consume and make sure to eat at least 5 small meals a day, breakfast should be your biggest meal because it's what boosts your metabolism, then gradually snack during the day to keep it going and eat a small dinner and try to work out in the evenings, but make sure to eat one last time after working out, something high in protein like a spoon of peanut butter or a tiny bowl of brown rice. You need protein and a complex carbohydrate for your muscles. Complex carbs take longer to digest and are packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Examples include vegetables, whole grain breads, oatmeal, legumes, brown rice and whole wheat pasta.

It's a lot of work, and takes a lot of dedication, most people start to eat healthy but quit because it's a pain in the ass, so it's important to have at least 1 cheat day a month, so you don't get sick of it so quick and have something to work towards. The amount of chemicals and stuff they pump into our food and fast food is sickening, it's important to make sure to eat fresh things to sort of, clean your body out.

Lastly, the most important thing I can tell you is keep hydrated, LOTS of water, over 64oz's a day. This will aid in weight loss and keep your body running smoothly. Juices are OK once in awhile, but they're really high in sugar so try your best to avoid them.
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