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Wrestlers strength

I have heard on UFC i believe from Joe Rogan ( take it for what you will) that wrestlers who wrestle at a young age develop generaly stronger joints tendons and over all strength compared to someone of a comparable size and build. Is this a common held fact or just a comentator filling in empty air space?

My real question is if anyone thinks this holds true beyond wrestling. I have been doing BJJ and after 4 classes they let me roll, well to my shock my first 5 minutes rolling i got the guy in a RNC ( the only reason i new a RNC was i had watch the trigg hughes fight a few times) the guy was same size as me 170-175 lbs and had been in the class a few months) he ended up calling me a lier and saying that i was covering up that i used to wrestle. Does anyone think that doing hard manual labor (mason tending/farm hand) at a young age (started at 12) could lead to wrestle like strength?
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