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Originally Posted by Hazflo View Post
He dissevered to lose that fight but now i think K1 Alistair will be back High guard picking his shots and firing devastating counters.
people are bagging him saying without the roids his nothing, but even with roids u fight like a dumb ass against a guy with big power like silva your gona get KO'd. also the way he lost i think doesn't hurt him that much cause people see it more as his fault than anything not to take anything away from silva he pounced on his opportunity and good on him but i think a big win in Overeem's next fight and he'll get a title shot.
Not usually a stickler for grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, but damn son you really butchered that one...haha. I was like is that an actual word, wait a minute think he meant deserved.

I was actually rooting for Mirko of course in that fight, but Overeem landed not once, but twice in his gonads. I think his testes went up into his intestines. It was that bad.

Edit: Wonder how much of a factor peds were. Beginning to wonder if there's a correlation.

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