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Day 32

I struggled through the circuit today but got in 130 pullups/dips, and 150 knees. I think i'll go with 5x30 knees now instead of 25.

I was at a high heart rate, i felt nauseous.

Sunday I had done my old circuit drill for power and speed minus the dual-arm curl. I am thinking if I'm doing the pull ups i will be working my biceps.

after the circuit I worked on the bob bag working combos.

For the PT, we are doing different styles of push-ups and core work.

Regular, diamond, side dip pushups ( where the weight is centered over one hand more), spiderman, and wide grip.

For the core:
crunches, side crunches left & right each individual, v-ups.

After this we went for 4-minute rounds on the bags for the remainder of the session.

session 2, it was the same as the 1st in regards to PT.

After the PT was done I got some mitts and worked with a group of about 6 boxers. Simple combos for repetition.

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