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I beleieve editing tricks aside, Jenz is still probably the better coach. He's MFS and those guys are known for being animals about their workouts and Im sure Jenz is probably bringing that mentality to team Pulvers training. He also has the more cohesive team. His guys seem to have a better work ethic and are working far better as a team. Again that could all be editing, but I don't think so.

As to everyone saying that if wang would have beat melendez if he would have just taken him down like he was told to, what are you basising that on? Purely the fact that they say he's a BJJ black belt? Because unless I have fallen asleep and missed something, I ain't seen wang work on the ground or melendez for that matter, so I agree, if he would have listened to his coach he would have stood a better chance to win, but until I see their grond games, all this speculative talk has no basis.

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