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Kind of an eh fight between Luke and Gilbert. They both have pretty bad ground games, and Luke got tagged a lot against a guy 9 inches shorter than him. The knock out was circumstantial, and I wasn't impressed with his performance at all. At the moment, I don't think his height will be a huge factor in this season. His height is the only thing going for him, and he still had trouble avoiding a 5'9" guys punches. I think Gilbert should have just stood and traded more. He had more success there than in the clinch in my opinion.

And no, I doubt Luke will be able to use his range to pick all of his opponents apart. He didn't seem to utilize it that well against one of the shortest guys on the season so I don't see him doing it against the taller guys either. He had the jab, but that's about all he had aside from that flying knee that came because of Gilbert's predictable take down. Luke's stand up needs a lot of work.

I felt bad for Gilbert. Most of his team weren't supportive at all. That can't put you in the right mind set when your team mates are basically telling you that you're going to lose. They were irritating me and should be disappointed in themselves for that and I hope they eventually realize that they were wrong. Also, wanting favorable match ups to the point that they would complain to Frank Mir about it like little girls shows that they aren't very confident in themselves either, Mcdaniels and Samman at least. Anyways, I thought Gilbert fought hard, but he didn't have the right game plan. He was getting hit with the jab in the stand up, but he was throwing punches back and landing, yet he kept going in for the clinch where it was clear that Luke had a slight advantage. Still, he got a raw deal here.

He's a likable guy though and I hope gets the wild card because his stand up isn't that bad and I'd like to see it from him more. Anyone think him basically getting knocked out will throw him out of the wild card race due to a possible medical suspension?

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