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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Are you serious? You realize there's a source link at the bottom of wikipedia right? The documents on operation northwoods were taken from the national security archives and were presented in public commmision hearings and the documents sourced were released by THE GOVT THESELVES. They are on CNN, NSA, ABC etc. read the sources.

Seriously at least use your head and click on the links before typing DUUUHHH WIKIPEDIA.

The sources for my other article were also Time magazine CNN and so on.

ALL three military chiefs of staff send a SIGNED proposal to terrorize their own people just like 9/11 and Sandy Hook, this is released by the govt and now PUBLICLY ACKNOWLEDGED as genuine and true, and this isn't proof of anything? Oh and the president who said no to this proposal was killed and another took his place.

As GR said, are you guys really that willfully ignorant or just scared to acknowledge the possibility?

Also plenty of independent media outlets send their own investigators and journalists. Alex jones, huffington post etc. and many others. But then you guys dismiss them as "conspiracy theorist" sources. Link proof from mainstream media, and it's "pieced together".

There really is no satisfying willful ignorance is there? I could put a televised confession by the president himself, and you'd still give it the LALALALA NOT TRUE GO AWAY treatment wouldn't you?
I would believe a confession from the President

I'm glad you brought up Huffington post as they actually posted a debunking story on it so I'm not sure where you are going with it, please explain if I've missed it.
HP Debunk

Alex Jones (of INFOWARS) is a fear monger, on par or worse than Glen Beck. I've been in IT for a while and remember his Y2k lies and how Russia was going to attack us. Why would he miss an opportunity to sell more of his nuclear survival kits? To his credit in this one, he doesn't even say he thinks it was false-flag, he just says essentially there are some unexplained things.

Operation Northwood was not submitted for implementation, it was a preliminary submission for planning purposes from 30 years ago that was exposed to the public by...dun dun dun....the evil government that could have simply not released it as we all know. Now it is utter crap that it was even thought up, but the govt explores a lot of courses that it doesn't pursue and unfortunately this is a good example of a terrible one.

Yes almost anything is possible but looking at all the available sources the most probable explanation is the one given by virtually everyone from Fox, CNN, The Young Turks and the Huff post....and the actual cops/investigators of the crime scene.

So please, tell me what you guys think happened?
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