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Originally Posted by Freiermuth View Post
I would believe a confession from the President

I'm glad you brought up Huffington post as they actually posted a debunking story on it so I'm not sure where you are going with it, please explain if I've missed it.
HP Debunk

Alex Jones (of INFOWARS) is a fear monger, on par or worse than Glen Beck. I've been in IT for a while and remember his Y2k lies and how Russia was going to attack us. Why would he miss an opportunity to sell more of his nuclear survival kits? To his credit in this one, he doesn't even say he thinks it was false-flag, he just says essentially there are some unexplained things.

Operation Northwood was not submitted for implementation, it was a preliminary submission for planning purposes from 30 years ago that was exposed to the public by...dun dun dun....the evil government that could have simply not released it as we all know. Now it is utter crap that it was even thought up, but the govt explores a lot of courses that it doesn't pursue and unfortunately this is a good example of a terrible one.

Yes almost anything is possible but looking at all the available sources the most probable explanation is the one given by virtually everyone from Fox, CNN, The Young Turks and the Huff post....and the actual cops/investigators of the crime scene.

So please, tell me what you guys think happened?
I don't think Alex Jones or HP are the most reliable or truly independent either. I mentioned earlier in this thread that I also believe Jones is a commercial fearmonger that's out to sell stuff, but my point was to debunk your claim that no "conspiracy theorist" gathers their own info or sends out their own journalist.

Unfortunately many of the ones that IMO are completely spot on like Aaron Russo suffer untimely deaths from Cancer etc. Russo also conducted many personal interviews and investigative journalism. Another good documentary with it's own interviews and journalistic / investigative material is the "Inside Job" with Matt Damon as the interviewer, that delves into the banking / financial crisis side of things.

Operation Northwoods was submitted to the freaking president of the USA. The fact that it made it all the way to the top means it was far from "preliminary". Preliminary means discussed in a CIA board room somewhere and someone laughing it off. Submitting signed and endorsed by ALL THREE CHIEFS (again, let me belabor this point) is preliminary for no one but govt. apologists like you or Pheel. If Kennedy had not had a conscience it would have been implemented sooner than he could blink. Unfortunately he did, so he died instead.

Yeah it was 30+ years ago, so what? What has changed since then? Was anyone fired? Reprimanded? Even transferred? Were any establishment/constitutional/authority changes made? The entire machinery continued exactly as it did, the only thing that changed was that the guy who disapproved it died, and you think something is magically different in those 30+ years?

The govt. released it because they had to. There was an independent govt. commission set up to look into the Kennedy affair because something this big they just couldn't brush under the carpet, and everything submitted to him was brought under the scanner whether the CIA/Military liked it or not. They didn't release it because they wanted to or were being nice, as you are amusingly trying to imply.

And not everyone in the entire govt. is evil or easily bought, it's not as simple or black and white as that ... there are some good honest people in congress, govt., military, FBI, commissions, even mainstream media etc. that try to do their job, but the only ones they need to corrupt or manipulate into position are the handful at the top ... prez, CIA chiefs, military chiefs and so on. That is why they had to release stuff to the commission, because they couldn't corrupt everyone on it.

What do I think happened at Sandy Hook? The whole damn thing was staged. Guys like the incompetent Chief Medical Examiner, police chiefs etc. of that town slowly promoted and brought to their position by govt./CIA favors, approval and planning, so one day they could repay the favor. If they squeal, they are discredited or they die, not like people that scummy or committed would be likely to squeal anyway. People like that are slowly tied in to schemes, their loyalties tested in smaller things before they are set up for something as big as this.

The school and staff ... dunno if the school was even real or some sort of fake thing that the town just never looked into. The parents, bought and paid actors or CIA ops. Plus hey, they get bonus "charity funeral money", for those expensive solid gold casks and stuff they need! Again, who sets up entire public charities a day after their child's death for "funeral expenses"?

I'm not saying I know all the details, but if they figured they could do it for Operation Northwoods staging attacks like this ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, you don't think they are confident of pulling something like this off in a dinky little town in Connecticut?
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