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"I know for a fact that all the fighters on BJ's team are training I asked one of the cast members and he said they made it look like BJ dosen't train hard through editing. Anyways Team Pulver's team is just more talented. The only guys that are good on team Penn are Gray,Matt and Joe." - Ozz525

Agree with everything except Reudiger, Lauzon and Maynard are the best fighters. Mizon is a veteran, but not a skilled one in ground. BJ's team they could have won at least one more fights if Thomas tried to get up when Manny was punching him on the ground (had three chances to get up would have had to take punches but thats the chance you take; probably would have lost anyways but not as dominate of a loss) and Wang should have took Melendez to the ground (most likely a win then). Melendez has no Jiu-Jitsu training at all.
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