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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
I'd really hate to get back into this... but I just can't help myself sometimes.

Operations Northwoods was a false flag operation. No one was to get hurt or killed. This operation is pointed to by every 9/11 denier as proof the government would kill 3000 of their own citizens... yet operation northwoods didn't plan for one death.

Also, LOL at the entire town of Newton being actors / created by the government. The ridiculousness of that alone shows the mental capacity of people who fall for this crap.
I'm using Northwoods as proof of Sandy Hook more than 9/11. Both are exactly the same, no actual deaths, but agendas easily pushed through.

Who said the entire town was created? I mulled that a few pages ago but rejected that idea. I'm saying the SCHOOL was possibly created. It's not like you can just walk in without an appointment or a reason to be there.

And yeah, living in Newtown, you may hear about one or two people's kids that go to that school ... like those nice Parkers that just moved in a little while back. Probably didn't see them much, but just a little weird thing that people don't dwell on. You haven't actually been into the school or know anyone real close in it, but why in the world would you suspect it's not a real school? How hard is it to set up something like that and get a few cops, medical personnel in?

Or maybe it was a real school with staff that was in on it, and they were told to do a drill. What difference would elementary school kids know?

Tell you what, since you're the one who thinks this is ridiculous, why don't YOU explain to ME, HOW EXACTLY you think the govt. planned on executing Operation Northwoods? How would they would have accounted for all the investigators at the bomb / terror scenes? The medical inspectors or fire crew? etc. etc.

Then take your answer and GIVE IT RIGHT BACK TO YOURSELF FOR SANDY HOOK. Because it's your honest govt. and military that made and signed this Northwoods proposal, not me, so you're doubting their mental capabilities and intelligence not mine.
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