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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
Newton is a non issue to me, that's why I stopped debating it pages ago. It's one of the most ridiculous conspiracies I've ever seen in my life.

I've also stated I do not trust the government, or believe they don't lie to us... I actually think they lie every time they open their mouths. I mentioned this before. I don't know why you keep saying I trust them.

As far as pulling something like this off, I think the government would do a hell of a lot better job of something they were behind... to the point where some dork living in his parents basement with windows movie maker wouldn't be able to catch the most powerful government in the world in the act.
Yeah clearly you stopped debating pages ago ... uh why are you in this thread again?

Clearly you don't trust govt. or military, yet just a few pages ago you incredulously asked me this "You think the soldiers are lying??? (about seeing Osama's body)". Really? Soldiers can lie? Those poor doey eyed purveyors of freedom? Those generals that sign their name to proposals terrorizing their own people?

And the Pentagon not showing any camera footage ... nothing to hide, they're just honest, completely trustworthy generals without any cameras at a military headquarters.

At least be clear on what you believe.

The govt. can do a good or bad or terrible job apparently, but people like you are proving that it'll still be believed and defended now isn't it?

Resorting to personal attacks about "dorks" and "mom's basement" again? Your logic is killed, so Ad Hominem it is then? The "dorks" are only looking at loopholes in the govts own versions and their own media stories, that are bound to prop up no matter how elaborately someone plans something so big, apologists like you are just doing your best to discredit it.

You have no idea who these "dorks" are or what they've achieved in life, whether more or less than you. The guy that narrated the "Inside Job" one I linked (Matt Damon) is one of Hollywood's biggest stars and the people interviewed are major financial authorities. The fighter that tweeted this vid is doing very well for herself apparently. What have you achieved that makes you so much better?

Originally Posted by Budhisten View Post
I can't believe I have to say this again, but PLEASE RESPECT EACH OTHER'S OPINION.

If people don't believe this whole thing, please respect that. If they do, respect that. Constructive discussions are welcome.

Just because you got your own "conspiracy thread" doesn't mean you can automatically put down anyone who disagrees with you.
I'm continuing to show him respect and courtesy in spite of his stance, hopefully he'll do to the same... I disagree with him but am not attacking his person. Last thing I want is this thread to get derailed or shut down.
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