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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Yeah clearly you stopped debating pages ago ... uh why are you in this thread again?
I stopped debating details of Sandy Hook. Not 9/11 or other theories in general. That okay with you? Or you want to have tin foil sessions only with people who tow your side point and sinker?

Clearly you don't trust govt. or military, yet just a few pages ago you incredulously asked me this "You think the soldiers are lying??? (about seeing Osama's body)".
Soldiers are low level government employees. They are not the people who run the government. They aren't politicians spouting crap about policies or positions they will never hold true to.

Really? Soldiers can lie? Those poor doey eyed purveyors of freedom? Those generals that sign their name to proposals terrorizing their own people?
I don't believe soldiers would lie about something so important for no reason other than they were told to. They took an oath. Having taken a similar oath I can say there is no way in hell I would go along with something similar to what was brought up just because you consider me "the government." I wouldn't expect you to understand. Anyone who works for the government according to you will do and say anything they're told no matter what.

And the Pentagon not showing any camera footage ... nothing to hide, they're just honest, completely trustworthy generals without any cameras at a military headquarters.
Already went over this. They did show footage. You have no proof that any other angles of that part of the building exist. Therefore you are asking for evidence of something you can't even prove exists.

The footage was shown, it's not good enough for you. That's your problem. Bodies, plane parts, and videos of the crash exist. How about this, you show me footage of a missile flying into the pentagon and I'll concede. JUST SHOW THE FOOTAGE!!! WHAT ARE YOU HIDING???

At least be clear on what you believe.
Oh I'm crystal clear on what I believe. Just because you're having difficulty comprehending it (or much of anything else related to these topics) isn't my problem.

The govt. can do a good or bad or terrible job apparently, but people like you are proving that it'll still be believed and defended now isn't it?
Yes. The US government has done amazing things throughout it's short existence. It has also done some terrible things. Apparently in your eyes they're completely evil just because they're obviously not a saint. Things in the real world don't work like that.

Resorting to personal attacks about "dorks" and "mom's basement" again? Your logic is killed, so Ad Hominem it is then?
Heh. The sheer amount of time, lies, and lengths these truth deniers go to displays an obsession only someone without next to nothing else going on in their lives could accomplish. I use to make professional videos. I know how long it takes to make one of these things. These people are making thousands of them without making profit from them.

The "dorks" are only looking at loopholes in their own versions and their own media stories, that are bound to prop up no matter how elaborately someone plans something so big, apologists like you are just doing your best to discredit it.

Bwahaahahahaha. No. Not even close. These loopholes are things created in the minds of the truth deniers and then plastered all over the internet for less intelligent people to look and go "Hmm. That's interesting." I don't have to discredit anything. The events are enough proof in themselves. It is your side who poorly attempts to discredit the facts while rarely attempting to make a direct claim about what they think actually happened. God forbid they make a direct claim, they can't even come close to proving it if their life depended on it. It's freakin comedy.

You have no idea who these "dorks" are or what they've achieved in life, whether more or less than you.
The guy that narrated the "Inside Job" one I linked (Matt Damon) is one of Hollywood's biggest stars and the people interviewed are major financial authorities. The fighter that tweeted this vid is doing very well for herself apparently. What have you achieved that makes you so much better?
I said the people who created the videos. Not the guy who narrated it or the chick to took the time to click "retweet" after being told exactly what to think and not bothering to consider thinking for herself.

Nothing makes me better or worse. I would say I'm far more open minded and clearly a more logical thinker. If these guys want to spend all their free time making these ridiculous videos and throwing them out there for no profit whatsoever, so be it. I wouldn't say that's the smartest move for a responsible adult to make, but whatever makes them happy. I have better things to do with my time.

I do think the most powerful government in the world would be able to stage an act to the point where they didn't forget to take the rifle out of the trunk... the same rifle they planned on making the center theme of the whole ******* shooting. I also think the most powerful government in the world would be able to stage something to the point where a kid in his room with a mac couldn't slow down footage, play spooky music, and all of this sudden EXPOSE the government. Hilarious when you think about it.

I'm continuing to show him respect and courtesy in spite of his stance, hopefully he'll do to the same... I disagree with him but am not attacking his person. Last thing I want is this thread to get derailed or shut down.
I'm not trying to attack you... although I can't help but attack the mindset sometimes. I think you're a great poster when it comes to MMA.

RIP Jordan Corder. Watch over me from above brother.
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