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Originally Posted by Ari View Post
Bahahah. What shitstorm am I starting other than a friendly debate in a thread on an MMA-related website? I don't go out and publicly ridicule religious people or anything and I've never been outwardly antagonistic towards religion. I just simply don't believe in any theistic, omnipotent being. All I'm saying is that Henderson's public expressions of faith could be bad for business (and himself), if he's not careful.
Everytime I go into this subject, it's hard to convince even myself I am not defending Bendo's beliefs, but the fact is I do not share his views at all, but I started not to bother as it is unecessary waste of my energy.

No, it's not going to be bad to his business or UFC business he is expressing his views. Lots of soccer players around the world entitle themselves as Christ Players and still make milions.
Those things won't prevent someone to go after what they believe is right for them.
Ever heard of a guy called Cassius Clay, who became Muhammad Ali? All his rants and political views and religious sharp turns didn't take his legacy away, right?

Life is a learning experience that doesn't stop at 26 unless you dictate that to yourself. Make no mistake, I am learning from you right now and hopefully I'll still be learning after pushing 80's.
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