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It could be lighting, an illusion, or psychological factors in play, but I too thought he was less defined. After reading the Mirko interview maybe it's true. Question is how much did "PED" effect it "if" he was truly on it. I mean if he loses his next two or three fights then we got a problem here. Otherwise he wasn't owning/dominating, but he was certainly beating and winning Big Foot without a doubt.

R1: Octagon control, clinch ala Randy Couture style, with knees

R2: A sweet reverse throw in the clinch. Lots of body shots. Here's what I didn't understand. Usually when Overeem has someone in the top position with the exception of Werdum he looks for the submission OR he throws bombs.

- maybe he was conserving energy
- toying with BF

All he had to do was takedown BF in the 3rd round. So, I think if they ever rematched that would be the game plan. He's obviously significantly stronger. Take em down and GNP for all three or go for the TKO. He really opened up a can of worms with this momentary set back. It's happened many times in sports where the athlete or opposing team took their opponents lightly and didn't FINISH! All that matters now is what he does with this loss.

- Chuck lost to Rampage in Pride and came back and did some ass whupping...that is until Rampage entered the UFC.
- Wand lost against Vitor badly and lost a close decision to Tito...THEN he went on a tear.
- Vitor has had a tumultuous career and now has experienced a late surge
- Lyoto had two MAJOR set backs then a minor blip in between with Rampage. Now he's back on track and I think will contend for the title soon again.
- even Fedor got back on track albeit with less than stellar competition after the SF debacle
- GSP vs Serra
- Maia resurgence at 170
- Big Foot is probably one of the best examples as well. Got DEMOLISHED by DC then Cain. Quite enjoyable btw. Then what does he do. He gets two solid wins and now he's in possible title contention after one more fight or heck can be a last minute replacement.

Everybody wins and loses eventually. No one stays on top forever. That is why I hope Anderson retires although I'd also like to see him fight forever...haha.

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