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Originally Posted by acantare
I have heard on UFC i believe from Joe Rogan ( take it for what you will) that wrestlers who wrestle at a young age develop generaly stronger joints tendons and over all strength compared to someone of a comparable size and build. Is this a common held fact or just a comentator filling in empty air space?

My real question is if anyone thinks this holds true beyond wrestling. I have been doing BJJ and after 4 classes they let me roll, well to my shock my first 5 minutes rolling i got the guy in a RNC ( the only reason i new a RNC was i had watch the trigg hughes fight a few times) the guy was same size as me 170-175 lbs and had been in the class a few months) he ended up calling me a lier and saying that i was covering up that i used to wrestle. Does anyone think that doing hard manual labor (mason tending/farm hand) at a young age (started at 12) could lead to wrestle like strength?
i believe joints and tendons strength is something you can't work on, it sounds kinda like "i stretch like this to make my bones more flexable"... the only way to make tendons stronger is by repairing damaged ones through surgery, my teammate got his acl torn with a tai otoshi in a tournament. they repaced his acl with an achilles from a cadaver.

that guy that you rnc is a young minded bjj player that talies a win loss record in practice. and when his plans do not follow through he must come up with some sad ass reason he got tapped... when he should look at it as practice, he made a mistake and "what can i do to improve my game to not get caught in that again"... terrible teammate and mindset for the mat.

and about the maual labor aspect i do belive doing it gives muscle strength and endurance over the adverage. i do not touch weights, but my job requires me to be on very physical(construction, street removal & digging.). i hear all the time how strong i am, but i use leverage, and before class i burn myself out anerobicly to force myself to use technique over strength or my speed. forcing myself to this disadvantage gives me the advantage if an opponet and i was to both be fresh or we are both tired.

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