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Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
Lolz! Here's a few things I saw.

1.) Mike never flipped over his A9 hole cards. He just sat there while KGB left the table after showing his AA. Not that it mattered, I just thought that was funny because he never declared a muck. It was all done in narration for dramatic effect.
2.) He made $29,000 after his final showdown paying off Worm's debt and the $10k loan from his professor.
3.) I think he was playing 50-100 or 100-200 at the final table.
4.) What hand was KGB holding against Mikey's 8s9s... Took me years before I realized it.
5.) The movie was mainly filmed in New York with some scenes in New Jersey which would explain why there's three actors in there from The Sopranos.

About to crash out now...

EDIT: Just saw your post Bresk. Get the samuraii in Japan. They have THE BEST artwork.

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