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Originally Posted by jaymackz
Cell phone plans from Cricket Communications

Cricket - List of Cell Phones

wow..i seriously wonder why they charge so much for the phones..probably don't need contract for it or for me i'm getting a free razr this december !
Cricket sucks a$$ IMO. They have no annual contract and the service area still sucks even after signing a roaming agreement with Cingular which will soon be AT&T. Ya know they, AT&T, are spending 6.2 billion dollars for advertisement purposes so people will recognize the new brand name. If you don't travel anywhere outside of your hometown then Cricket might be the way to go, but if you want a nice nationwide plan then you should check into a major service carrier and not into a joke like Cricket.

I don't want to bust your bubble but the Motorola Razr is a crappy phone. The reception is less than stellar and the overall durability of the phone leaves something to be desired.

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