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Day 33
It was a free gym tonight, i got in around 4pm and did my lower body-circuit lifts.

I couldn't find any 25lb plate so I ended up putting 3 tens on each side for 105 Lb lifts.

I did 10 deadlift, 5 overhead, 5 lunges, and 5 squats a total of 6 times in 2 portions I did it over 6 rounds with 1-2 minutes of rest in between and did some light shadow boxing to keep moving.

I pretty much did bag-work the whole hour or so and then got in the ring and did some mock ground work with a 12-pound medicine ball.

I don't know where I got the eye but, I squeezed it in between the legs inside the knee-cap no further than it.

and then crossed the ankles to lock it in, and did a whole bunch of ground motions, and body strikes all while keeping my hips in the air.

I stayed through for the 6-8 session, and did some more bag-work.

with an hour to go i and jeff the coach did a light spar, we had 4x4 minute rounds...

round 1
pawed at him for awhile and used my feet. I doubled and tripled the jab a few times, but never really landed.

was tagged a little.

round 2
I started weaving to the right to gain a angle to the right with a step and was throwing a right hook on the step.

It landed a few times up top and a few to the body but not anything spectacular. I clipped him with a couple jabs.

I purposely went to the ropes to work on defense while on the ropes. I have had a lot of trouble finding a good way to recover from this spot.

round 3

I was a little more aggressive this round and fired off 2-4 right hooks up high in flurries, i wasn't hitting the mark and ended up tagging him in his shoulder.

I tagged him with a jab dead to the chin, that he complained about due to the fact he'd relaxed his jaw and wasn't biting down.

By pure luck with a straight right I tagged one of his jabs and the impact snapped his glove into the face. He commented on the idea, it wasn't one but i'll take credit.

He lit me up with jabs and rights when I tried to land right hooks up top.

round 4

it was more or less a mix of the previous 3, and was horribly gassed. I wasn't so much spent in punching power nor legs. I haven't had the opportunity to go so long before and was over-exerted I think.

When the bell sounded, i was feeling nauesus and stripped off everything asp and ran to the bathroom...thought i was going to puke but it never came.

I did shadowboxing for the remaining time, until coach said to go 2-four minute rounds of power shots.

I worked on the uppercut bag, round 1 I jabbed only I would go in and fire off 4 jabs step out and go back in. On round 2 I only used my right straight.

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