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Originally Posted by Freiermuth View Post
Just too far fetched for me to believe but thanks for at least showing your opinion.
Usually whenever there is a tragic loss of life, there is a charity to follow. You are the one implying gold casks, which is pretty much slandering someone who's shoes I hope you never have to be in.
I personally didn't think the medical examiner seemed incompetent in his interview, why do you? I mean the guy isn't going to be John Grism or whoever that NCIS person was but he didn't say anything that wasn't factual to what he witnessed.

Northwood didn't involve killing US citizens and was to combat a perceived enemy nation near our borders. Killing children to increase the likely-hood of stricter gun control laws is to much of a connection for me to draw.
Again I'll get back to the rest of your points along with Pheel later as I'm a bit busy today but thought I'd clarify this main thing.

When I said "staged" I meant there were no deaths at Sandy Hook, children or teachers, just planted stories and chiefs/medical personnel that were in on it.

In that respect I meant it was exactly as they planned Operation Northwoods ... no casualties, a complete fake terrorist / psycho attack without any actual deaths, heck maybe without even any actual shots fired.

Yes 9/11 had real deaths and I would understand if you have more difficulty believing they would kill 3000 of their own citizens. It's happened throughout history and recently with Hitler's Holocaust, Stalin's Gulags and even "people's governments" like after the French revolution, not to mention all the pointless for profit wars fought by democratic govts., but I can see if you have trouble believing the American Govt doing something so direct.

I'll discuss all the reams and reams of inconsistencies, FBI agent whisteblowers, witness accounts etc. that lead me to believe even that though but that is a semi-tangent. Or maybe they didn't do it, just "allowed" it to happen, but I;m inclined to believe they did do it.

As far as Sandy Hook goes, I'm saying it's exactly what they signed their names to for Northwoods, just a few years late and a slightly different agenda. I don't see why you would find that so unbelievable considering they've already been on board with the exact same thing (Northwoods, on a larger scale even) in the past and all the other inconsistencies I've already mentioned.

As far as tragedy funds, did the Columbine parents open charities?

You are confusing tragedies with financial impact such as Katrina etc. with tragedies with only emotional impact such as Sandy Hook (if real). That money would be of absolutely no use to them, they would have nothing to rebuild but their hearts.

Funerals are just not that expensive, every family in the world has to do it at some point, and as I said the president and their communities chipping in should be more than enough for a funeral.

I'm not saying this is out of disrespect, just common sense. I mean would you be plugging for charity funds just a day after your child died? Just rhetorically of course, I hope you or no one in this world ever has to go through anything like that. But IMO money would be the last thing on your mind this soon after the loss, wouldn't it? Not for this guy though:

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