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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Talking about cake, are Twinkies actually gone forever!
Hostess has said that since the company has gone under they will sell off the recipes for all their stuff so some company will pick Twinkies up and start producing them again. Also I believe it was the governor of new jersey that was attempting a bailout of hostess so they aren't gone for good.

I know a surprising amount about that for having not had something from hostess in at least five years.

So I'm debating if I want to text this girl...or if I should just move on. She's sending hella mixed signals like split personality signals. "I want everything about you you're all that I want" two hours later "yeah I forgot to text you I'm not going out with you tonight I'm not cancelling on a friend to hang out with a big" two more hours "we communicate soo well that's how I know we're special" then no responses for a day.


Da fuq....

I've had shit luck this semester with women. No cute girls in any of my classes. Well at least none I've seen except in chemistry....which I have with my ex.

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