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Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
310k main eventing against Tito. Rashad isn't a draw (very few people in the company are), he's just been put into some hugely marketed fights, like Rampage and Bones.
Rashad IS a draw. I don't like him, but he's a top draw. His fight against Rampage did the biggest number in UFC history where there was no title at stake. Bones's biggest draw by far was against Rashad with a crappy card (even when Bones had Mir/Nog & Tito/Lil Nog on the Bones/Machida card). Rashad's fights against Chuck, Forrest (stacked card), and Machida all did 500K+.

I would argue that out of current fighters, GSP is the biggest draw, followed by Rashad and then Silva. Technically Sonnen is a top draw in terms of main events because he's had 2 main events, and they've done around 600K + 900K buys respectively. But that was the Sonnen/Silva dynamic and the circumstance; otherwise nothing he has done has proven that he's a ratings or PPV buys generator.

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