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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
It is awesome! The champion mode was eh in my books. It is a story mode where you play through the career of "Andre Bishop". It is cool, a few good twists, but I would have liked it more had I been able to put my own character in it.

I just do legacy mode. It is awesome. The fighting is very good. Combo's are easier to throw. Training is more fun than it was in earlier years in my opinion. I love the game.

I haven't tried online yet though.
Yeah I've played pretty much all the fight nights and Champion is BY FAR the best of the bunch. I still play it from time to time. I hate black ops 2, so if I am in the mood for a FPS I usually get back on MW3 or MW2. Dragon Age Origins IMO is the best Xbox 360 RPG, especially if you are an old Baldurs Gate fan. It beats out Skyrym IMO. Part 2 sucks with a passion though.

And MMO's I generally stay away from because they eat at your soul. Never truly recovered from Evercrack hehe

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