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Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
I think that if you wreck your body cycling and then need to be prescribed TRT as a result, that IS abuse.

And furthermore what reason does any given fighter have to not find a dirty doc and get a scrip for it? Because of the way test thresholds are limited, few fighters are naturally likely to be anywhere near the apex of the defined testable limits, so it can only help them even if they are careful to stay within those thresholds. Basically TRT doesn't let them be normal young men in terms of testosterone, it lets them get as jacked as the uppermost natural threshold of humanity.
I completely agree. But Vitor is 35, you reach your peak testosterone level at 27 and you start declining around 32. As an offender earlier in his career, im sure his levels have been low for a while now and even lower from aging.

If vitor was 25-32 years old id be on your side of them fence - but the fact is he is old. If vitor ever pops over the ratio or postive for a PED, i will be very dismayed.

As far as dirty doc's go.. Yeh there is no doubt in my mind they exist but - as far as i know - it's not only a prescription fighters need. They also have to be approved by the athletic commissions which for all i know could just be "here's the prescription" but i am hoping it is a little more strict and requires a doctor with some creditably.

And like I was saying, i wouldn't be surprised if the average ratio for fighters in the UFC was around 3, especially for the exceptional athletes and even more so for people like jon jones, silva, gsp, ect. that are premier athletes. So even if you are talking about a guy that is on it having some huge advantage of those who aren't, it probably is not so unless the fighter is abusing it during their off time and going over the 6:1 ratio. To me, it makes sense that the fighters on it would be at the very least be careful enough to stay around 4-5 in case of a random test and them popping anything over a 6. Therefore i think it is safe to say that for those that do not abuse it, are not nearly having such an advantage as it is made out to be.

I do believe there are fighters that abuse it, for sure. But if it is legal, then it is legal, and fighters should not be judged because they are allowed to do something that will boost their performance and until they do violate the rules. They shouldn't be treated indifferently from any other fighter.

To me it's like jones's knee kick, it might be "cheap" or "unfair" but he is allowed to do it and shouldn't be called a cheater because of it.

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