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Originally Posted by HexRei View Post
well yeah, chael's got a lot of experience with failure. he was born into an extremely wealthy and affluent family and had every advantage growing up, yet in terms of his actual accomplishments, he's a felon (who rolled on his partners in conspiracy to avoid jail time, and destroyed his chances of becoming a politician which should have been hilariously easy coming from his pedigree), a fighter with only a decent record and a serious weakness to submission, someone who has made public statements and then lied to cover them up, oh, and had some suspect fake tap moments. that's a lot of failure to cope with in a lifetime.

gaining the respect of people through carefully scripted media comedy and camera editing is extremely impressive though and i can see how he feels like he overcame adversity there, so his statement hits me deep inside my heart as well.
what makes you think his family was wealthy? I seriously doubt that since he grew up in a black neighborhood Statistically speaking that probably means he didn't grow up rich.
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