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Originally Posted by doublelegtakedown is more about stretching and deep breathing....gymnasts are way f^cking stronger.
YouTube - Rianu Strength Version 2.0
Testosterone Nation - All Muscle, No Iron

and they try not to build up muscle!!! nuff said

not saying that gymnist are not strong, because i know it takes strength to preform as they do, but i did not give yoga it due credit until i tried it.... have you ever tried yoga?? may move as a gymnist would do, but they move slower and hold poses at the hardest time, using felxibility, metal strength, SINGLE muscle control, and the sretching and breathing you talked about.

i think you should try this, do 10 pushups fast and clap at the top. then try to do 10 push ups in ten minutes taking 1 minute on each push up, moving real slow... if you do you will see what i am talking about. both take strength but one takes more focus and muscle control to do

YouTube - Duncan Wong Yogic Arts

"every second your not training, he is..... and he is doing it, just to kick your ass"
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