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Wether it was because he realized he couldn't take lil Nog down and his gameplan fell apart as a result, or it was just a lack of motivation following the Jones fight we'll never know.
Fair post. I think it was a lack of motivation, possibly stress due to other stuff happening that we don't know about. I think Rashad could take down Nog easily, he just didn't want to fight that night. And yes, it was a terrible performance, even I couldn't defend that. Hopefully he gets some fire back in him and rises.

I still admire his abilities and respect his accomplishments, but don't tell me I have to be a fan of his because he fights through adversity. That's a fighters god damn job, all fighters get paid to do that. As for hardships outside the ring, all people have those as well.
I think that my comments are being misinterpreted a bit. I did not say that anybody has to be a fan. I accepted that people don't like him. My issues were with comments regarding his accomplishments, which I find awfully disrespectful. That is all.

Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
I'm having de ja vu here with bc, cc, among a few others. This is how it begins. Best not to get too emotionally involved. I was once like this when Vitor was handed his first loss to Randy Couture way back in 1997, then many years later with Mirko vs Gonzaga and of course GSP vs Serra. I got a bit of that feeling this past weekend for sure with Overeem vs BF.

Unfortunately there wasn't any forums back then to vent. So I had to keep it in all these years. Randy is a great ambassador for the sport, but nobody expected him to beat the rising Phenom like that. Everything comes around. Lyoto kicked his head off decades later, Gonzaga would yo yo, Serra got kneed to death and lost three of his next four bouts, and the balance of the force was restored.

I guess ultimately it shows passion when you exude these kind of emotions especially when you're betting!
Yeah, I admit, I do get too emotionally invested. It's always so depressing to see a favourite, somebody you look up to and all that just lose. Specially to people they could conceivably beat. Oh well, I guess I shouldn't put too much on Rashad until he starts wanting to be a fighter again.

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