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FN Champion is pretty good, but I HATE that they charged for online play. There isn't a lot of people playing, so they want my no stats guy to go in with a guy with full power, chin and body? Yeah that's fair. I had to do sparring with another guy and keep getting KOed/KOing just to get my chin and body up so I could even fight. I was winning most of my fights with no stats but it was a lot better than trying to fight and getting KOed by the only punch I took in the round. I also hate their "improvements". I was 28-0 with Lewis online, but when they patched I jabbed a guy who was Marciano for 8 rounds, got tired, and then got KOed. I looked at the starts after, he had thrown more, I had landed about 3 times more (with like a 68% hit percentage which is crazy) and he literally pressed the power punch botton on almost every punch, all hooks too. How did I get tired again? I don't think any where to the body either.

2nd Prestigue on Black Ops 2. I cann't wait to fully pretigue so I can go back to Black Ops 1. MUCH better game. **** these guys on the internet moaning about camping. Why did Treyarch listen to them? They made every level like Nuketown and completley shit all over using ghost (which shits all over even defending the objectives and stuff because UAV is ridiculously spammed). I still get top in near every game but I don't enjoy it as much. I used to like being tactical on Hardcore and picking my locations and movements, but now someone throws up UAV and unless I'm run and gunning, I'm fuked. Also, 4 game modes for Hardcore? Gay

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