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Robbie Parker did not set up the fund/page either by the way, some friends of his (Alan Prothero and Brad Schultz...yes I know, even more conspirators along with the bank they used).

Rachel was a victim of the columbine shooting and the charity was opened by the parents, exactly what you asked for and now I fail?

The govt already has rules, regulations and taxes on guns so this isn't even a foot in the door, its just pushing it open (or closed rather) even more. I think most politicians are opportunistic and self-serving but not outright malicious towards US citizens.

The govt could have easily used any of the other recent shooting events to push the gun control issue if they are as manipulative as you believe with the media playing along with them. Why run the risk of creating your own event when one happening naturally is inevitable? The motive I think is something we don't agree on here.
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