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Originally Posted by Freiermuth View Post
Robbie Parker did not set up the fund/page either by the way, some friends of his (Alan Prothero and Brad Schultz...yes I know, even more conspirators along with the bank they used).

Rachel was a victim of the columbine shooting and the charity was opened by the parents, exactly what you asked for and now I fail?

The govt already has rules, regulations and taxes on guns so this isn't even a foot in the door, its just pushing it open (or closed rather) even more. I think most politicians are opportunistic and self-serving but not outright malicious towards US citizens.

The govt could have easily used any of the other recent shooting events to push the gun control issue if they are as manipulative as you believe with the media playing along with them. Why run the risk of creating your own event when one happening naturally is inevitable? The motive I think is something we don't agree on here.
His "friends" sheesh ok. I've never heard anyone setting up a charity for someone else's child's funeral ONE DAY after their child dies but whatever.

Also what does the bank have to do with it? They just open an account with Parker's consent so what, doesn't mean they have to be in on anything. Millions of people open accounts every day, it's not like the bank is going to keep tabs on what he spends it on if if he withdraws it.

You didn't address my main point about Rachel. The charity had nothing to do with funeral expenses or Rachel's family's expenses personally, it was for a CAUSE. It was set up A YEAR after the tragedy not THE NEXT DAY. Yes it completely fails.

What Robbie Parker is doing is something completely unheard of and unlikely for a grieving father or even his "friends" to do so soon after a child's loss. Go ahead, prove me wrong, give me an example of a real parallel like I asked.

There are no federal laws on guns. Taxes are not control, they do not impede on the real right to bear arms, and taxes have to be ratified by congress for every budget, laws stay forever unless repealed ... something MUCH harder to accomplish. Another failed comparison.

The govt. has tried using other recent shooting events to push the gun control agenda, didn't you watch the news after those events? Gun control was all over the place.

None of those other events would tilt the balance nearly as much as this horrific thing happening to ELEMENTARY SCHOOL KIDS. They are the most innocent of the innocent, and this would cross a barrier that would put even die hard 2nd Amendment defendants in a tough position.
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