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I'm not a psychologist, and neither are you I might add, but real ones have stated those types actions/emotions are not all that abnormal. Most of the other families did react normally, but if everyone reacted the exact same...that in itself would be abnormal.

I hate to quote you but here it is:
As far as tragedy funds, did the Columbine parents open charities?
Rachel was a victim, the charity was started by the parents.

So now changing the parameters of your argument to include intent, fine, but don't insult yourself and pretend you didn't ask what I quoted then accuse me failing.

He also appears to have stated that the funds, besides for his families expenses, will be distributed to other families and the Green Chimney organization.

If Robbie Parkers abnormal behavior is what this theory latches on to at this point, I'm not buying in. You do and many others do so I'm not saying you are crazy, I just don't agree.

There are no federal laws on guns. Taxes are not control, they do not impede on the real right to bear arms, and taxes have to be ratified by congress for every budget, laws stay forever unless repealed ... something MUCH harder to accomplish. Another failed comparison.
There is a Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which is a federal law. Care to retract your fail statement or would you prefer to alter the parameters?
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