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Technique was drilling x pass and something called a shotgun pass through de la riva. I'm not too good with both so it was some feeble drilling. Then we did a counter to someone shooting into deep half guard on you, nearest knee slides over and to the mat as if to mount but the leg will still be trapped, other leg steps over their head as you take an underhook, slide down and flatten out on the trapped arm and turn to secure side control. Then got a few rounds in. Got my buddy from Brazil to sign up for a trial so he was my first roll, smaller purple belt, positional battles but he tapped me once with some mean head and arm choke. Rolled a white belt that keeps giving me good rounds, edged him positionally but couldn't submit from mount. Rolled a good blue belt but he got the better of me with an armbar from an attempted triangle escape. Good class.
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