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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
'Not THAT good of a fighter'. How vague is that? Come on, that's just another euphemism for saying you think he's a shite fighter. At least stick to your guns instead of contradicting yourself all the time. So first he isn' 'that good of a fighter', and now he's an 'upper echelon fighter' but not a 'great' one?? Well colour me confused ffs.

I'm upset because every flippin' day I have to go online to this forum (and other MMA websites) and read negative posts about Rashad. EVERYDAY for the past 6 years I have had to read about how everyone thinks Rashad's a weak fighter and has a terrible personality because he dances around and is a bad guy and blah blah blah. This shit gets to you after awhile, you know. I imagine it's gotten to Rashad. I don't expect everyone to like him, that's fine. But you and people like John13245324 always try to take away his accomplishments, and that's just deeply disrespectful. To sit there while a guys beats some of the top fighters of the promotion and become a champion while you guys criticise him? That's not on.

I can't stand Jon Jones, but haven't wouldn't dare suggest he isn't 'that good of a fighter' all because I don't like him or his personality. Besides a dud performance against Lil Nog, Rashad's only lost to two world champions. Great fighters in Machida and Jones. These were two undisputed, undefeated fighters when Rashad fought them. And he has only lost to them in 8 years. How does that NOT make him great??

Why do I think Rashad's a great fighter? Well, to be honest, i've exhausted my reasonings behind this insane thinking. But I admire real men. Men who fight against the odds and don't get influenced by negative people around them. When Rashad started on the Ultimate Fighter, the shit he had to put up with was unreal.

Dana didn't like him and felt he was too small to compete with the heavyweights. So tried to talk him out of even competing. So even when Rashad refused, Dana still went on to just criticise Rashad up until the Jardine fight, and even then it was only half a complement. Matt Hughes reaction to his 'showboating' didn't help matters, and influenced the entire MMA fanbase in a similar way to how Hitler influenced most of Germany, it seems. One of which was our favourite sex offender, Mike Whitehead, who Rashad had been friends with but wasn't anymore because Mr Whitehead agreed with Hughes statements. Whenever Rashad strikes he's 'showboating' or something or other. But in the end, all that negativity didn't matter because he fought his way to the finale where he had, what imo, was one of the most thrilling and exciting Ultimate Fighter finales to this day, his back and forth win with 6,7, 260lbs Brad Imes. He somehow beat Imes, despite everything, and won the respect of Rich Franklin and eventually Dana White. That's perseverance you can't buy. Very few people have it. Even people who extremely talented at fighting may not have it. Strength of character is what I appreciate, and Rashad has been a paradigm of that for ages now.

Rashad then went on undefeated beating fighters like Jason Lambert, Stephen Bonnar, Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin, who he captured the LHW belt from. That performance is another one of my favourites not just because he won the belt, but because he captured it in a way that was both confident and exciting. Rashad had so much spark, so much confidence that he basically just played with Forrest before he decided to call it quits and finished him. That was A.Silva like imo. People talk about how he was getting destroyed before he 'got lucky' when in fact, Rashad wasn't in any danger whatsoever. He wanted to strike and make the fight more appealing to the masses, and he did until he decided to finish it.

He then ran into Machida, who he didn't train properly for and didn't use his strength against. We all know what happened then. It happens. THEN, he beats T.Silva, a decent enough gatekeeper, Rampage Jackson, another former world champion and completely obliterates a game Tito Ortiz with what was probably his most aggressive performance ever after a lengthy lay off.

The fight with Phil Davis was great. Davis is QUALITY, especially his wrestling. So to handle him for 5 rounds like he did was very impressive imo. Davis is a guy who could become champion, and Rashad made him look like a kid.

He has beaten all of these high quality people through superior fight IQ, well rounded skillset and having the heart of a lion (until Lil Nog). Always the smaller man, but often the bigger heart, Rashad has beaten 4 world champions and several top contenders in his career, and he had people hate him for it.

This would make him great, imo. But whatever, diss away.
Firstly, I have never once tried to deny that Rashad Evans is not a top tier/upper echelon fighter, ever. You can check my post history, check what ever you want, but I have always respected the fact that he is an upper echelon fighter. Me saying he isn't "THAT good" of a fighter is basically just alternative terminology to saying that I don't think Rashad is a GREAT fighter, and I stand by that opinion. To me, greatness in this sport is only possessed by a few select fighters. Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, GSP, Jose Aldo etc These are the fighters I consider to be great. I don't think Rashad has or ever will be as great as the men I listed above.

If you want to disagree with that, that's fine, but seriously, stop getting so upset and sensitive about it, it's almost concerning how attached you seem to be to Rashad. It comes across as if you know him on a close personal level (which I assume you obviously don't). I have guys I root for in this sport, but your fandom takes thing to another level bro. Stop getting so upset any time some one criticises Rashad Evans.

I have always acknowledged the fact that Evans has shown good heart and recovery throughout fights, has a very well rounded skill-set and is a legitimate threat to any one in the division. What I refuse to acknowledge how ever, is that Rashad Evans name should be echoed amongst the great p4p kings like Anderson Silva.

Again, if you disagree with that - fine, but don't start labelling me a "hater" and start coming to wild conclusions about my personal life because you know nothing. I'm not a fan of Rashad Evans, I think the majority of his fights are boring and I don't like his attitude and get fake personality vibes from him. Disagree all you want, just don't start whining about it, we all have differing opinions on here.
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