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CNN, Fox, NBC, etc all have sites with numerous videos. Here is one from YouTube but there were more. Lots of evidence there in video's and interviews that will hopefully lead you away from the 'everything is a conspiracy' rabbit hole that many have gone down.

I do agree Robbie Parker's reactions is not the norm, I just don't believe he is an actor in a staged event to kill a bunch of people in a school to attempt further gun control. If you look at the conspiracy video's, please also check out the numerous debunking ones as well before making up your mind.

Yeah I'm a dumbass sometimes too - was just talking with a coworker who set me straight on the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, that is no longer in law and it refers back the National Firearms Bill or something like that, but its still a Federal law on gun control and the reason people aren't making machine guns for civilians today.

Sorry if things didn't come out coherently, in somewhat of a hurry

Topic provides good conversation at work for sure.
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