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I tend to feel the same. I can't claim that Dana didn't have a hand in Sonnen vs. Jones, Edgar vs. Aldo, GSP vs. Diaz, and now Pettis vs. Aldo. But I also don't believe that he's sitting at home thinking, 'To hell with honour and earning your spot'. I suspect Dana very much believes in working your way up the ladder. However, these are HUGE fights as far as fan interest goes and the UFC certainly recognizes that. The objective has always been two-fold, and I can never understand why people are so surprised by this. Yes, the UFC will often give deserving fighters their due, but it also strives to put on fights that fans want to see. We've had a sudden influx of the latter, but to act as though deserving fighters will never again get their shot is jumping the gun.

But people only ever call Dana out on this. It's as if Joe Silva is only the matchmaker when good and sensible fights are made. Or that the Fertitas have no say and Dana actually owns the company, even though Lorenzo pulled the plug on Franklin vs. Henderson II just a few years ago. Dana is an important piece of the puzzle, but 'piece' is the keyword.
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